My life, Your Motivation

The freshman 15 isn't a life sentence guys!

Height: 5'7
SW: 234 |CW: 219 | UGW: 165
GW1: 220 | GW2: 210
GW3: 200 | GW4: 190
Bust: 40" | Waist:35.5"
Hips: 50" | Arms:13"
Thighs: 29.5"

Submit your stories, before, middle, & after pictures, workout music, motivational pictures, goals, etc.! I'd love to hear about it & we can all help each other stay motivated!

Remember one slip up doesn't mean you give up! As soon as that moment is over, forgive yourself and get back on track!

charsfitnessjourney: Hey! I've just started tracking my progress on tumblr I was wondering if you could help me get started and check out my blog? Itd mean a lot, thank you so much xx 

I really like your blog! Followed <3

aint-lazy: uhh nice blog honey 

Thank you so much!

la-ruiva: hi! i know i just followed you, but i just started a fitness blog (soccertanned) and i love your blog! would you mind sharing this with your followers and recommending a few of your favorites for me to follow? thank you so much :) 

I am so glad you like my blog that means a lot! I really don’t have any suggestions right now I get my inspiration from so many different blogs and websites. 

Weight Loss Struggles

I made this tumblr a little over a year ago and I was doing really well for a months. I started at 213 and lost 10 lbs. I lost the weight pretty quickly and then got stuck at 203. This has become very common for me I lose about 10-15 lbs quickly and then I get stuck there. This is what causes me give up every time. Seeing results is what keeps me motivated. I have now gained all my weight back plus more. I got up to 234 and I a now at 223. A month and a half ago I started back eating right and exercising. I got down to 218 in about 3 weeks. I am thinking some was water weight but I have now put back on 5 lbs and have been stuck at 223 for two weeks now. It is so frustrating and I feel like this is a never ending cycle. I am so tired of struggling with my weight. I am an extremely motivated and disciplined person in every other area of my life. At 21 years old I have accomplished so much and I work very hard. I have a fantastic well-paying job, I am a college student with a good GPA, I support myself, & I travel regularly. I just don’t understand what it is about weight loss that I cant be more disciplined in. Every other goal I have set I have reached above and beyond. This ONE goal I have struggled with for YEARS.